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Christian Kongsgaard

NB: The Log tab does not appear for Parent Tasks!

The Log tab displays the logs of task, so you can see what is happening during the simulation or see what went wrong if a task failed. On the Log tab you can choose to see each the logs for each config for that task or see the System Log. The config logs are labelled with their creation time, and the newest config log is the one furthest to the left.

Log Levels

There are four buttons to the right of the log page. They can be used to filter the logs with. By the default we show only the INFO logs.

Compute log tabs
Compute log tabs

Expanding Logs

Some log entries are very long and in that case we collapse them by default. You can click on them to see the full log entry. Collapsed logs are always shown as:

Log file size exceeds 100 bytes. Click to expand

Expand logs
Expand logs

Residual Chart

For tasks running OpenFOAM solvers we provide a residuals chart that updates with logs. So you can see the development of the residuals as the logs streams out to you in real-time.

Task residuals
Task residuals

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