Task Config

Christian Kongsgaard

The Task Config pane gives you an overview of what the task is going to run.

Task Configuration pane
Task Configuration pane

The pane is split into three sections:

  1. Status
  2. Task Config
  3. Queued Config


The status displays the task status. Read more about that statuses a task can have on the Task List page

Started and Stopped, respectively shows the time when the task was last started and stoppped.

Task ID shows the Id of the task.

Parent ID show which task is the parent task. You can click on the name to go to the parent task

Dependent On specifies, which task this task depends on. When a task is dependent on another task it will only start when the other is successfully finished. That way you can queue up tasks to run after each other. The Dependent On task can be changed by clicking on the () icon.

Task Config

Hover over the elements in the Task Config to see what it does.

Task Config
Task Type:cfd
1:snappyHexMesh -overwrite
2:reconstructParMesh -constant -mergeTol 1e-6
3:!checkMesh -write vtk
4:foamToSurface -constant surfaceMesh.obj
Case Dir:foam

Queued Configs

The queued configs are used to keep a track of the configs that have been run. Each config has a corresponding log, that can be found in the log tab. Every time you rerun a task the config makes a new entry to in the Queued Config list. You can also select specific configs from the past and rerun them, by clicking the () icon to the right.

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