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Building Physics Task Manager
Welcome to the Procedural Compute Web UI. This interface allows you to start, stop, monitor and manage simulation tasks submitted to Procedural Compute.
Evaluating the performance of a design option is crucial to integrating environmental and sustainable engineering into early-stage design.
Compute's focus is to increase the number and quality you can do in a day.

"We ran a project a month ago on our old computer and it took us 24 hours for one wind direction. With Procedural Compute, the same task can be done on 4 wind directions running parallel in 4-5 hours.
That is a 5 times speedup on one direction, but we get 4 directions out of Procedural Compute, so in total around a 20 times speedup!"
Mathias Sønderskov Schaltz
Computational Design Lead, Henning Larsen Architects

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We provide a collection tutorials for our users to get started and to demonstrate how to use Compute's different workflows.
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annual daylight simulation

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Industry Standard Simulation Engines
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Price Examples

The simulation costs vary from case to case. At our documentation page we have listed price examples for various case scenarios.
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Procedural Compute has a comprehensive API which allows you to carry out all of the same actions possible through this Web Interface using a REST API - which permits access from Grasshopper, Revit or any other client which permits scripting.
Procedural Compute has already number of plugins integrated into popular CAD software. Follow the instructions below to download and install.
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Download the Compute Grasshopper plugin by clicking the button below. Follow the instructions on Food4Rhino.
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Download the Compute Blender plugin by clicking the button below.
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Download the Compute Jupyter Notebook plugin by clicking the button below.

Here you can find an overview of Compute's workflows
Custom CFD Workflows
Virtual Wind Tunnel
Pedestrian Wind Comfort
Wind Analyses with Vegetation
Daylight and Radiation Workflows
Annual Hourly Daylight
DA, UDI, cDA, sDA, etc.
Annual Solar Radiation
Daylight Factor
Sky View Factor

API and Documentation
Documentation is everything!
Here you can find documentation for our API, Compute Commands and a link to our Forum.
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Documentation for the API (fully interactive in OpenAPI v2 format) is available here
API Docs
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Curious about all the commands you can do in Compute? Browse our Compute Commands documentation.
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Stuck at a problem that you need help with? Go to our forum and ask our friendly community for help.
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